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Hangry Monkey

Hunkey is a brave, agile and lovely monkey. He is feeling very hangry(hungry + angry) because he hasn’t eaten for a short while. He loves to be fed a lot all the time. Hunkey is out for a chase of some delicious food. He desperately needs your help to get it.
— How to play Hangry Monkey 

★ Tap anywhere on the screen to get control of the monkey
★ Catch the bananas for score
★ Keep yourself at a distance from the bombs
★ Collect the powers to achieve high score
— Features of Hangry Monkey 

★ Simple tap to control the game, comfortable feel and unlimited entertainment and fun
★ Powers like “eat all”, “food contaminated”, “fast traffic”, “slow traffic” , “size increase” that would instantly change the course of the game-play during the game. Hence, making it even more addictive and entertaining.

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