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Brightest Flashlight LED Free

Brightest Flashlight LED is a simple and free flashlight app with LED light. Other features of this application include Device Temperature, Battery Percentage and Compass.
Brightest Flashlight LED features in detail:

LED Flashlight + Strobe Effect:
LED Flashlight that turns on the flashlight of the device to maximum. Use the strobe light feature at parties, at home, at the club, at school, or anywhere you think a strobe light could set the mood.

Device Temperature:
Device Temperature Sensor that senses the internal temperature of the device that might arise due to flashlight being turned on for a long time interval.

Battery Percentage:
This feature display the battery percentage of the device.

Compass is set to give you the North East West South directions.
Added features for better user experience and increasing user friendliness.

Convenient – Switch On/Off the light just like using a real flashlight
Stunning graphics – This is the most beautiful flashlight you can get in hand!
Maximum Brightness – Camera Flash LED at Maximum
Sensitive and Responsiveness – Sensitive and Responsive Sensors
Things you can do with it:
• Use in car emergency
• Find the lost keys
• Read the book at night
• Tell spooky stories in dark
• Light your way home
• Survive during the power outage
• Light Up the dance floor
• Send a morse code message
• Communicate in your own coded language
• Do the shadow theater
• SOS during emergencies

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